General Infomation & Rules

“Simple but Posh” Plain Nail Contest 
“Simple but Posh” 單色美甲比賽


Closing Date for Application: 20th March, 2020

Closing Date for Submission of Art Work:  31st March, 2020 

Public Polling Period: 1st - 10th April, 2020

得獎公佈日期:2020年4月12日Announcement Date for Winner: 12th April 2020


獎項 Prize:

1. LNH 銀級會藉一年(包含產品培訓12小時)
LNH Silver Membership (including a product training for 12 hours)

2. 一套共十二支特選Gelish Soak Off Gel及Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer連陳列木座
One Set (total 12 pieces) of Selected Gelish Soak Off Gel and Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer (including a wooden display stand)


詳情及報名情Click 以下連結
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"Simple but Posh" Plain Nail Contest 2020

“Simple but Posh” 單色美甲比賽



The Art work Requirement & Scoring criteria:


1. 在我們確認你的參賽身份後,請上載你的作品於你的Instagram賬戶,並需標籤以下關鍵字:
    After your contest application is accepted, please upload your picture for contest on your instagram account with the following Hashtags:











2. 是次參賽的作品必須為使用Gelish或Morgan Taylor產品完成的單色美甲作品。
    Every contest work must be accomplished by either Gelish or Morgan Taylor product.


3.  作品圖片中的指甲顏色可為任何單色(意即不可有任何款式設計),以及所使用的相關Gelish或Morgan Taylor產品需展示於作品圖片內。
     The nails shown in each contest picture must be in plain polish (i.e. no design), and the Gelish or Morgan Taylor product which a participant has used must also be shown in the picture.


4. 相片內如需打上參賽者/公司名字,請把有關文字置於相片右下角以免防礙作品展示。
   If the participant’s/company’s name should be included in the contest picture, please have it place at the bottom of the right hand corner of the picture in order to prevent the display of the contest work.


5. 完成上載後,請whatsapp或email通知我們,我們會於2020年4月1日中午12時前repost你的嘅作品於我們的官方instagram賬戶供公眾投票。
    Please inform us by whatsapp or email once your contest picture has been uploaded.  We will then repost your picture on our official instagram account before 12pm on April 1, 2020 for public voting.


6. 參賽作品分數的計算方法為,於截至2020年4月10日下午5時,你的作品的總”Like”數。    
    Regarding the score of a contest picture, it would be the total “Like” of such picture as of April 10, 2020 at 5pm.評分準則 The Art work Requirement & Scoring criteria:


如你有任何關於是次比賽問題,請致電9166 6198 或電郵至info@hklnh.com查詢
If you have any question about the contest, Please contact us at 9166 6198 or via email